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About bslimmer The BSlimmer is an exciting addition to your fitness programme. Using vibration technology combined with new and traditional body exercises, you can improve your level of fitness as part of a healthier lifestyle.

The BSlimmer is part of the Medicarn Range of fitness and Lifestyle equipment.
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The great New Years Fitness Programme launches this week to encourage people to visit their doctors to build a new, fitter lifestyle!
You can find full support and training videos on this website!

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The Bslimmer is available with support arms, more...
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Consult your doctor!
You should consult your doctor to get advice about how to create a healthy fitness programme around your needs and safety!
Dan, Hertfordshire

I heard about celebrities using Vibration Plates, but I couldn't afford one, until I discovered BSlimmer!
I workout daily and feel great!
Enjoy your new lifestyle!
Use the BSlimmer as part of your exercise programme with a calorie controlled diet and look great and become healthier!
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